Accredited Agile Coaches

Angel Diaz-Maroto

Angel is an experienced Agile coach who specializes in leadership development and organizational agility.

He has worked with organizations and Agile leaders in different parts of the world, including North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Angel’s leadership experience at ING Group has been noteworthy, and he has supported companies in over 40 countries.

He holds the Scrum Alliance’s highest-level certifications, including the first Spanish CST®, CEC, and the first European CALE. Angel is also a certified professional coach and has participated as a speaker at various international Agile events.

Angel is the founder of DM Agile Coaching and the creator of the LeadershipDancefloor and BRIeF Frameworks.

Alex Canizales

Alex is a Certified Team Coach (CTC) by Scrum Alliance, and an experienced international Trainer & Speaker. Alex is a change agent and strategist, that supports organizations developing resilience and co-creating an innovative, evolutionary, and sustainable path towards business agility. He also draws on 22 years of experience, 12 years of experience with Agile, spanning multiple industries, working with companies in different countries of America, Europe and Oceania. He has guided transformations at the enterprise level, driving journeys, roadmaps, scaling, operating models with a proven track record of facilitating enterprise engagements, client relationships and leading teams with a growing mindset.

Xavier Quesada

Xavier is a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach since 2009, Certified Scrum Trainer since 2011 and an ALJ (Agile Leadership Journey) guide since 2018. As Senior Partner at Agilar, Xavier consults at executive level for multinational clients, guiding leadership adoptions of enterprise and business agility. 


Xavier is a founder and former president of Agile Spain, and an active member of Agile Belgium and the international Agile community. Xavier is the author of the Visual Management Blog and co-creator of Vima (, an agile framework for business teams and personal agility.

Milos Zekovic

Milos is a versatile and passionate Agile coach who uses cognitive-behavioral coaching, agility, system thinking, and mindfulness to help individuals, teams, and organizations. With a background in various industries and roles, he specializes in agile transformations, leadership team coaching, and developing communities of practice. Milos is the first Certified Team Coach in the Balkan region and is an active contributor to the local and global Agile community, including speaking at numerous events, writing articles, and creating and empowering local communities of practice.

Javier Perez

Javier is an experienced organizational change agent with expertise in agile transformation, coaching, and training. He holds numerous certifications and accreditations, including Certified Team Coach (CTC) and Organization and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC). Over the past decade, Javier has coached and supported over 100 agile teams in various industries, StartUps, mid-sized companies, and Fortune 500 corporations across different countries. He is passionate about developing agile coaches and working closely with leadership teams to build and acquire the necessary skills to nurture Agile organizations. He is also an active contributor to the agile community and has collaborated with Geoff Watts on his book Scrum Mastery.

Ivo Peksens

Ivo is a wholehearted Agile Coach who believes in true human connection and values like trust, curiosity and respect. With 20+ years of IT industry experience, Ivo has worked in various international companies, starting from basic technical work to becoming a Scrum Master and Agile Coach. His passion lies in transformations towards higher inclusion and collective intelligence. Ivo is also the 1st Certified Team Coach (CTC) from Scrum Alliance in the Baltics.

Gabriel Ledesma

Gabriel is an experienced software development professional with over 25 years of experience in technical, management, and executive roles. He discovered his passion for Agile/Scrum in 2008 and co-founded the Agile Community in his country in 2009. Gabriel has taught at universities for 10 years and currently teaches “Experimenting with Agile Methods” at the University of the Republic. He has also been a speaker at various regional conferences and has worked as an Agile Coach in over 20 companies to help them adopt Agile practices.

Savita Pahuja

Savita is a seasoned professional with a passion for unlocking the potential of organizations and individuals to discover better ways of working. With a wealth of experience working in both start-ups and large financial organizations, Savita is well-versed in working in distributed and multicultural environments. Her expertise lies in coaching and training organizations through agile transformations, with a focus on bringing agility to their operations. Savita’s contributions to the agile community include being a co-author of the book “Distributed Agile Framework” and being an ICAgile Certified Professional, ICAgile Team Facilitation, and ICAgile Business Value Analysis trainer. She has helped numerous organizations develop their agile capabilities, enabling them to achieve their goals and maximize their potential.

Amir Peled

Amir is an Agile Coach with more than 10 years of experience in Agile and 20 years in project management. He was the first Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach in Eastern Europe and have volunteered for various events and initiatives, including serving on the European Gathering Team and being a mentor for Women in Agile. He has worked with organizations of various sizes and industries to adopt or improve their use of Scrum and other Agile frameworks. Amir is also the founder of the Agile Coaching and Beyond User Group in Romania.

Zuzana Zuzi Sochova

Zuzi is an experienced Agile coach with a passion for business agility, leadership development, and creating collaborative environments. 

As a coach, Zuzi is a leading expert on Agile transformations and has consulted a hundred companies globally of all sizes on various coaching engagements from the team level to helping succeed with whole enterprise agile transformations, she works with boards and leadership teams to help them embrace business agility, explore agile leadership, and change the way of working. 

As a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST®) with Scrum Alliance Zuzi has already trained thousands of ScrumMasters and Product Owners.

She is a regular speaker at conferences and the author of The Great ScrumMaster: #ScrumMasterWay and The Agile Leader: Leveraging the Power of Influence books.

John Barratt

John is passionate about helping individuals, teams, and organisations reach their full potential. With a military background and experience coaching in various industries, John has developed a unique coaching style that combines the principles of business agility with other coaching approaches.

John specialises in helping organisations simplify and become more resilient and has a proven track record of delivering these results. He uses various tools and methods, including outcome-based coaching and systemic modelling, to help clients identify their goals and achieve measurable results.

Some of John’s recent successes include helping IAG Loyalty meet its ambitious targets during turbulent COVID times whilst reducing staff turnover, Creating an internal coaching & training capability for Maersk, saving over £50,000 a year in external support and helping Vodafone’s Secure Net product pass 20 million paid subscribers.

In his free time, John is a voracious learner and enjoys attending meetups and conferences worldwide to discover new ideas and learn from others.

Venkatesh Rajamani

Venkatesh has several years of experience delivering working software in short, feedback-driven cycles. He has helped organizations adopt agile software delivery practices, including large banking, payments, telecom, and product organizations. He started his career as a Software Engineer and spent several years as a hard-core Programmer. He has worked with large software delivery organisations like HP, IBM, Logica, Paypal, Ericsson, and RBS. He founded in 2018 to execute his mission of Humanizing Organizations. Venkatesh is fluent in 4 languages. He is based in Chennai, India and sets the overall direction for tryScrum. He is the world’s first person to hold CST®, CEC, CTC, PST, PKT, CAL-Educator, and ACS-Educator together. He loves reading books, travelling and public speaking. Venkatesh received his B.E. from Anna University in Chennai and his MBA from the University of Madras. He is a PhD scholar at the Girne American University and Metropolitan Business School.

Rickard Jones

Rickard is an Agile coach, trainer and program lead. With an Agile mindset, values, principles and practices, he has collaborated with many organisations, teams and individuals in supporting them on their complex journey to become Agile.

He goes where the value need is, having previously been an XP developer, programme manager, change manager, development manager, scrum master and transformation lead. Despite an unhealthy obsession with learning, he believes nothing beats a coaching journey of in-the-field practical experience.

Not only is Rickard one of the authors of the AgileHR Manifesto, he is also an international conference speaker and Certified Team Coach (CTC).

Bob Galen

Bob Galen is an independent Agile Coach based in Cary, NC. In this role, he helps guide companies and teams in their pragmatic adoption and organizational shift towards agile ways of working. Bob has been doing that since the late 1990s, so he’s deeply experienced and operates as Agile Moose and RGalen Consulting.

Bob regularly speaks at international conferences and professional groups on agile methods and, organizational development & leadership topics.

In 2022 he published Extraordinarily Badass Agile Coaching, which has become a best seller and a strong influence in the agile coaching community. He has often been referred to as a Coach of Agile Coaches because of the breadth and depth of his experience.

Ahmed Avais

With over 14 years of experience in the Business Agility and Agile Coaching industry, Ahmed is a recognized leader in launching and sustaining high-performance teams, including executive leadership teams. He successfully led transformation and change agent teams in organizations of various sizes, from 50 to 260,000 employees. His specialties encompass a wide range of areas, including Business Agility, Organizational Development, Org Design, Change Management, Agile Frameworks and Patterns, Leadership Coaching, Product Coaching, DevOps, Mentoring and Training, Agile HR Coaching, Lean Consulting, Technical Practices, Dojos, and Governance. He now works at

Project Brilliant

Mauricio Robles

Mauricio Robles is focused on Agile Coaching, focusing on developing and training teams from a wide variety of activities in agile best practices. Mauricio gathers 20 years of Project Management experience that starting in construction companies and moving to the technology and operations sector later in his career. Currently he is working at World Fuel Services coaching teams in Costa Rica, Mexico and the United States in the implementation of Agile practices.

Mauricio developed his skills working with a diverse group of teams under different activities such as Customer Service, Marketing, Graphic Design and IT Delivery.

Teddy Caroll

Teddy is an experienced Agile Coach, Certified Enterprise and Team Coach, and digital product strategist. With a focus on facilitating individual, team, and organizational journeys, Teddy helps create business value across people, products, and Agile teams. Through agile and relationship systems coaching, he partners with clients to drive improvements, discover breakthroughs, and envision the future while staying grounded in the present. Teddy brings 20+ years of expertise in Agile frameworks, group/team facilitation, UX strategy, and digital marketing. His diverse skill set includes facilitation, story mapping, Lean thinking, Kanban, and relationship systems intelligence, enabling him to navigate complex dynamics and foster continuous improvement.

Teddy Caroll is acertified Organizational and Relationship Coach (ORSC-C), a Scrum Alliance certified Enterprise and Team Coach (CEC/CTC), a Certified Path to Agility Practitioner, HealthRHYTHMS Facilitator

Emilia Breton-Lake

Agile professional with strength in coaching and leading business agility transformations, supporting technical, project management, and leadership teams in adopting agile practices, processes and frameworks / Scrum, XP, Kanban, that deliver strong business results.

Equally skilled in building trust and collaboration among teams, Emilia has a successful track record of delivering business value by leading large organizational transformations and leveraging agile best practices to deliver critical projects on time and within budget.

Anja Stiedl

Anja is an accomplished Agile Coach, Trainer, and Enterprise Coach with a rich background in coaching and mentoring Agile roles.

She offers Enterprise Coaching for organizations, along with tailored mentoring programs and trainings for roles such as Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Leadership, and Agile Coaches.

Anja holds various esteemed qualifications, including Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), Certified Team Coach (CTC), SAFe Program Consultant (SPC5), and ICAgile Accredited Trainer for multiple certifications.

With over 15 years of experience, Anja has been instrumental in driving Agile transformations and delivering impactful training sessions. She holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science and has a successful track record as a freelance Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and Trainer.

Jon Spruce

An Enterprise Agile Coach with proven experience in leading successful large scale digital transformation, Agile adoption and DevOps change programmes.

Jon supports clients to help them deliver world-class solutions through organisational redesign, effective leadership coaching, and building agile capability.

Outside of the office, you can find him on a building site developing property, swimming in an extremely cold lake in Wales or in a plane working towards his Private Pilot’s Licence.

An outcome-focussed Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Agile Coach (CEC) with proven experience in leading successful large scale agile and DevOps transformation programs for clients such as Aviva, Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group, and UK Government.

Elena Vassilieva

Immersive Executive Leadership Advisor. Agile Culture Influencer, Positive Disruptor.
Virtual Reality (VR/360) Producer and Storyteller
Creating a Sustainable Immersive Ecosystem for Executive Leadership
Leveraging the power of Neuroscience and Conversational Intelligence in executive leadership coaching and training.
Creative coach on the mission to ignite an Agile mindset outside of the software development in Marketing, HR and DevOps teams.
Using Virtual Reality and AI technology to create an immersive digital coaching and training environment.

She has credentials as a Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach (CTC), Certified Path to CSP Educator, CSP, Certified CAL advisor.
ICF Certified Professional Coach, AoEC Certified Systemic Team Coach, Conversational Intelligence for Coaches (C-IQ) Core Skills Practitioner, Certified LESS Practitioner, SAFe SPC4.6

Sherman Gomberg

Sherman Gomberg is passionate about bringing Agile and Scrum to individuals and their organizations. Sherman has obtained his CSM, A-CSM, CSPO, CSD, A-CSD, CSP-SM, CSP-PO, REP, and CTC. He has also obtained his PMP, PMI-ACP from Project Management Institute and ICP-ACC from ICAgile. He strives on helping clients achieve their Strategy and Vision. Sherman has over twenty years of consulting and coaching experience from conceptualization to creativity through to developing applications and websites.

Sherman has guided organizations on the Agile Transformation journey while providing mentorship for functional areas, such as project management, product development, interactive/social Marketing, lead management, business intelligence, creative design, and DevSecOps.

He has a passion for matching best practice processes, creativity and technology to deploy world class results. Sherman is passionate about Agile Transformation, Coaching, and Training.

Dana Pylayeva

Dana Pylayeva is a Certified Enterprise Coach, who excels at navigating complexity, creating learning communities, infusing playfulness, an unleashing innovation in teams and organizations she coaches.
She brings a unique blend of exceptional facilitation skills, her diverse technical background (as a former Java Developer, a DBA Manager, an Application Architect), her 20 + years of Agile/ DevOps coaching experience (with clients in US, UK, Canada, India, Japan, and Ireland) as well as a strong professional coaching mindset (rooted in Co-Active and ORSC).

Dana’s coaching range includes individuals, teams, leadership as well as a Business Agility transformation coaching across a diverse span of industries: legal publishing, automotive, digital marketing, retail, FinTech, music streaming, non-profits etc.

Business games designer, author of “DevOps with Lego and Chocolate” and “Fear in the Workplace” games, Dana is an international speaker (70 conferences in 18 countries), organizer of several local meetups in NYC as well as a program chair at Agile2023 conference.

Matt Kirilov

When Matt is thriving he is transforming organizations, serving as a community catalyst, crafting learning experiences, enabling team and leader journeys, and holding space for others online and in person. He has founded several user groups, speks and coaches worldwide.

A founder of Cerber, a coaching and training organization with the ambitious objective to bring clarity and knowledge to agilists across the globe, Matt partners a pace with technology leaders to create nimble purpose driven environments. He is a Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach (CTC) and Training from the BACK of the room trainer.

Joel Bancroft-Connors

Joel helps organizations go from the chaos of creativity to the success of repeatability. He start where they are “now” and guide them to a “new better” without tossing out all the learning and good culture they have already developed.

Joel leads by example, showing flexibility and agility to recognize when things are not working and pivot when the needs of the stakeholder, customer, market, or business change. 

In his agile and change coaching he combines agile, lean, and plain old sound management principles together to coach people, teams, and organizations. Joel helps them tackle the tough and challenging “gorillas in the room.” 

Mark Summers

Mark, a renowned Agile Coach, believes in prioritizing happiness above all else. With a background in software development, Mark’s passion lies in solving problems and creating exceptional software solutions. As a Certified Scrum Trainer and Certified Enterprise Coach, he now derives great satisfaction from empowering individuals and teams to solve their own challenges and become world-class. Mark’s expertise in agile training and coaching has made him a sought-after speaker, retreat leader, and continuous learner. He envisions a future where self-organizing, self-motivated teams and manager-coaches drive organizations. Mark’s coaching style is characterized by unwavering honesty, infectious energy, and thought-provoking insights, aimed at helping individuals and teams achieve happiness, openness, and autonomy.

Sekhar Burra

Sekhar is a seasoned technocrat, management consultant, and Enterprise Agile Transformation Coach with over 17 years of experience spanning methodologies from Waterfall to Agile. As a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST®) and Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), he has trained and coached numerous professionals worldwide. Sekhar’s expertise extends to various roles in Agile, including developer, Scrum Master, and Product Owner.

He is recognized as a respected mentor coach in the Agile community and a sought-after speaker at regional and international conferences. Sekhar’s diverse certifications, including PMP, PMI-ACP, ORSC, and ICF-PCC, demonstrate his commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

With a background in engineering and an MBA, Sekhar brings a holistic perspective to his coaching practice.

Victor Loke

Victor is an Organisational Coach and the founder of Visionary Agility, an Enterprise Agility and Leadership consulting practice based in Singapore. A seasoned practitioner of the Open patterns and practices, he is passionate in helping people and organisations achieve success through lasting, positive change. He is a Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach (CTC) and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), where he delivers world-class accredited coach training to leaders of the future. He also teaches the Eight Patterns of Open Business Agility™ at THE OPEN LEADERSHIP NETWORK (OLN).

Victor helps lead the AGILE SINGAPORE user group and is the founder and organiser of the REGIONAL SCRUM GATHERING SINGAPORE conference. He further serves on the Executive Committee of the MALAYSIAN ASSOCIATION OF CERTIFIED COACHES as Director of Learning & Development.

Victor publishes and speaks regularly at Agile conferences worldwide. He was conferred the prestigious SkillsFuture Fellowship Award, the highest accolade for skills mastery presented by the President of Singapore, in 2021.

Elena Aminova

Elena Aminova is an accomplished Enterprise Agile Coach and a Leader of the Agile Enterprise Services Chapter  within the Technology Group (TG) at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, capable of effectively collaborating, facilitating, leading and coaching within the organizations she coaches.

Elena holds an MBA in Technology Management and is a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) and Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach (CTC) and has been practicing Scrum since 2011.

Expert at driving the adoption and enforcement of Scrum rules, removing impediments and fostering self-management. Capable of bringing overwhelming enthusiasm and awareness to teams, applying expert judgment to the removal of impediments, keeping teams focused and delivering success in rapidly evolving and dynamic environments.

Craig Petska

Craig is a passionate, pragmatic agile coach skilled at building teams and organizations that foster collaboration, with a focus on culture, high performance, and delivering customer-centric value using a balanced approach that incorporates 15 years of agile expertise and a focus on systems thinking. Leveraging a coaching mindset, Craig has successfully partnered with individuals, teams, and leaders to create positive, sustainable change.

Craig holds multiple coaching certifications, including the Certified Team Coach (CTC) through the Scrum Alliance, both the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and the Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC) through the International Coaching Federation, and several ICAgile certifications.

Throughout Craig’s career, he has excelled at challenging the status quo and is enthusiastic about utilizing coaching and agile principles to help his clients achieve their goals.

Mohsin Shahzad

Mohsin is a Scrum Trainer, Agile & Professional Coach, and Founder of Pakistan Agile Education.

Having a good sense of logics and technology from his childhood, he always enjoys himself in the world of 1/0. Developing new things, coding and learning new technologies, always been his passion. Mohsin has over 18 years of industry experience that includes programming, technical management, DevOps & PMO and Agile Project Management, Training, Consultancy and Coaching.

Marc Lustig

Marc embarked on his agile journey in 2004, embracing agile practices and mindset as a full stack software engineer, particularly through the application of Extreme Programming practices. In 2008, he transitioned into coaching organizations, helping them identify opportunities for systemic improvements towards agility. 

Throughout his experience, Marc recognized the crucial role of a holistic perspective in maximizing the impact of his agile coaching services. He understood that an effective agile delivery mode relies on a leadership culture that fosters tight feedback cycles with product or service users.

Although culture cannot be directly changed, Marc believes in influencing it through mindful and situational leadership, alongside a shared common purpose across the entire organization. Working with clients of diverse sizes and industries, including finance, insurance, automotive, telecommunications, and retail, Marc has honed his expertise in facilitating agile transformations across various domains.

Vijay Bandaru

Vijay, a certified Agile Trainer and Coach, is dedicated to enhancing your organization’s ability to continuously improve. With a focus on results, he brings his extensive experience as an information technologist to help organizations at all levels understand their strengths in delivering value to customers while maintaining transparency, periodic inspection, and adaptation.

Over his 23-year career, Vijay has transitioned from a developer to leadership roles, gaining end-to-end delivery experience in both service and product organizations. Having been part of successful, challenged, and failed projects, he draws valuable lessons not only from his own failures but also from others’.

With a versatile background, Vijay has excelled in roles such as developer, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and Product Owner across various product contexts.

Paulo Dias

Paulo is a performance-driven, insightful Enterprise and Business Agility professional with a consistent record of achieving and exceeding expectations in high-pressured technologically challenging environments.

He has an extensive technical background with 27 years of commercial experience delivering multimillion-dollar initiatives and leading transformations in the banking sector. Within the last 12 years, Paulo has been focusing on Enterprise and Business Agility coaching, partnering with global organisations to help them find better ways of working, improve quality, teamwork, collaboration, lead time improvements, reduced costs and improved employee satisfaction.

Lance Zhang

Ningning (Lance) Zhang is passionate about guiding and supporting individuals and organizations to find better ways of working. He has multiple years’ experience in leading agile transformation and coaching individuals, teams and organizations. He supports global companies and startups in various industries.

Lance is a community leader and frequent conference speaker in China. He is keeping promoting agile mindset, and supporting individuals and organizations on their journey to agility.

Lance is Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer (CST®) & Certified Agile Coach (CTC), Agile Leadership Journey Guide, ICF Erickson Coach, ICF ORSC Coach, IAF Holistic Facilitator, Best Agile Articles book series Chinese translator.

Ben Kopel

Ben is a Business Agility Coach at Project Brilliant. He is a curious learner focused on coaching teams and Leaders, as well as enabling adaptive organizations through awareness, collaboration and continuous improvement.

He has worked with 100+ Agile teams as a developer, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, trainer and manager.

Ben is one of ~20 people in the world who are a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST®), Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), Certified Team Coach (CTC) and Certified Agile Leadership (CAL) educator.

Ben serves on the CEC Review Team and the Guides Advisory Team, for the Scrum Alliance, as well as Illinois State University’s College of Business – Information Systems board.

Gary Hansen

Gary believes in the power of teams and that people want to unleash their talents to build valuable solutions. He has worked for 15+ years in technology, and his foundation is in human performance/organization development.

Gary worked as a traditional project manager and understands what it is like to transition to more adaptive and team-centric approaches (agile). He has worked with agile approaches since 2009.

He has helped six companies become more agile and loved almost every minute of it. Gary believes in assisting teams to find their way rather than forcing practices upon them. He work at all levels of an enterprise to guide transformation efforts.

Pelumi Whole

Pelumi is a Certified Enterprise Agile Coach, SAFe Program Consultant, Agile Leader, Training Professional with a strong background in information technology and fifteen years of experience with solution and program planning, oversight and implementation.

Passionate about building strong, self-organized teams and helping teams mature through training, coaching and mentoring. Builds effective partnerships with clients to gather requirements and solve complex business issues; Leads and collaborates with dynamic teams to deliver results using agile methodologies; motivate and coach teams to achieve goals.

Transparent, Inclusive, Feedback Adaptable.

Octavio Levy

Octavio, a passionate and experienced coach, underwent a transformative experience when he discovered Agile and Scrum several years ago. Since then, he has dedicated the past decade to partnering with various organizations in the software, technology, telecommunications, and banking industries, among others, to facilitate their evolution and improve their ways of working.

As a co-founder of ITtude, Octavio has found great joy in training over 1500 individuals in more than 70 sessions throughout Latin America. His passion lies in working closely with teams, creating spaces for reflection, and generating valuable insights. By co-creating strategies, Octavio assists teams in achieving their goals while fostering healthier and more sustainable work environments.

With a primary focus on organizational systemic coaching, Octavio holds certifications as a Scrum Alliance Guide Level CTC® (Certified Team Coach) and an International Coaching Federation PCC® (Professional Certified Coach). These qualifications enable him to effectively support teams and organizations on their journey towards success and growth.

Femi Odelusi

Femi Odelusi (CFO) is a results-oriented and accomplished coach with a diverse range of certifications and expertise. As an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Credentialed Coach (ICF-ACC) and an EMCC Accredited Coach, Femi subscribes to ethical standards and brings a global perspective to coaching.

With certifications including Certified Team Coach (CTC), Certified Agile Leadership 1 (CAL 1), and Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP®-SM), Femi has a strong foundation in agile methodologies. Additionally, as a Certified SAFe® 6.0 Practice Consultant (SPC), Femi supports organizations in their agile transformations and applies lean and Kaizen principles to achieve goals.

Femi applies the ORSC™ model and various coaching approaches to support individuals and teams in areas such as executive coaching, organizational development, and relationship coaching. With expertise in digital analytics, data, and AI, Femi leverages these tools to create effective business solutions.

As a Scrum Alliance Educator and SAFe® Remote Trainer, Femi enhances organizations’ learning and development capabilities. With a focus on client-centered coaching, mentoring, and servant-leadership, Femi guides organizations through change and helps them turn obstacles into opportunities for growth and improvement.

Zeshan Ilyas

With over 22 years’ of global experience in Agile and Digital transformation projects, Zeshan Ilyas specializes in Scaling Scrum, Agile Coaching and training.

Zeshan is passionate about Agility and coaching. His work is about helping organizations, teams, and individuals to reach their goals through Agile ways of working.

Zeshan has worked within high profile organizations, including Siemens, Gulf International Bank, HSBC, Capgemini Financial Services, The Co-operative Bank, Esperto, Talk, Talk, and more.

Zeshan’s passion for Agile has helped him in volunteering his time for the local and international Agile communities. Recently Zeshan was involved in reviewing submissions as a volunteer reviewer for Scrum Alliance’s Global Gatherings.

Zeshan is a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), Certified ICF Coach, Certified Team Coach, ICAgile Instructor, and Agile Leadership Guide & Coach.

Alex Sloley

Alex Sloley is an agile evangelist. On top of his busy career working in companies around the world, he is an avid member of the agile community. He speaks regularly on the global stage and is an organizer of conference organizers. He specializes in agile training, coaching, and transformations. For those who are in the know, Alex is the Scrum Alliance Shepherd of the global Agile Coaching Retreat Advisor Team, a member of the Scrum Alliance Coaching Advisory Team, and the Co-Chair of the Agile Alliance Agile Coaching Ethics Initiative Team. For the rest of us, that means Alex helps a lot of people and is a mover and shaker.

On the tech side, Alex is a 15-year veteran of Microsoft, where he was a Scrum Master, Scrum of Scrums Master, and Product Owner. During his tenure at Microsoft, he shipped in over ten Microsoft products, worked with Microsoft Research on high-profile projects, and led his organization into an enterprise-level implementation of Scrum. Alex’s blue-chip client list includes: Cisco, Deloitte, Intel, Macquarie, Nordeus, Nordstrom, Qantas, Satori, Shell, Starbucks, WatchGuard, and Westpac. Alex is a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach and an ICAgile Authorized Instructor. And a bit of an overachiever. 

Konrad Pogorzala

Konrad Pogorzala is an internationally accredited agile coach and trainer with more than 15 years experience building and working within agile environments.

He has a proven track record helping diverse organisations adopt Agile Values and Principles. Within the lasts years he coached and supported more then 100 agile teams within numerous industries. Konrads strategic thinking and adaptive coaching style based on the group context in complex environments enable the organisations to significant improve their learning speed, influence cultural change and positive transformation.

Konrad was born in Poland, where he grew up and finished high school. He studied in Berlin, Germany and has lived in that lovely city for more than twenty years.

Arunvignesh Ramakrishnan

Arun is a passionate Trainer and Coach dedicated to helping teams and organizations develop their capabilities and resilience. With extensive experience spanning 14+ years in software development and delivery, he has excelled as a Business Analyst, Scrum Master, and Agile Coach.

Throughout his career, Arun has successfully engaged with diverse clients, including a large bank, a fund management Product set-up, and an IT Services transformation in a leading consulting firm. Proficient in Agile Transformation for Distributed teams, he has solid expertise in coaching, mentoring, and training to elevate agile maturity and foster collaborative environments.

Currently serving as an Enterprise Agile Coach and Professional Agile Trainer at, Arun owns Coaching Programs designed to empower individuals and teams for success. 

Arun’s expertise as a Professional Agile Trainer is sought after by various corporates, including Aravind Eye Care, Catalyst One, Hinduja Groups, Haldor Topsoe, TSI Logistics, GeekyAnts, Archetype, IDP, Freespace, Evolent Health, Sutherland, Delhivery, Cloud Cover, and more.

Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning

Kwasi is a Business Agility Coach, Systems Thinker and the founder of OAK Agility LTD, an Enterprise Agility, Solution-Focused and Leadership coaching and consulting organisation operating from Oxford-UK and Accra-Ghana serving clients across Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States.

Kwasi is driven by a passion for connecting with people and guiding individuals and organisations towards discovering their true purpose. As a certified International Coach Federation (ICF PCC) Professional coach, Kwasi upholds coaching ethics and practices with unwavering dedication.

Through OAK Agility LTD, Kwasi works with organisations in several sectors in Financial Services, Retail, Education, Manufacturing, Energy, Telecoms, Automotive, Publishing, Agriculture and many more on various Digital Transformation initiatives.

As an independent coach, Kwasi is dedicated to making a positive impact on people’s lives, one person at a time.

Kemmy Raji

Kemmy Raji is the Scrum Alliance’s first female Guide Level in Canada. She holds the Certified Enterprise (CEC) Coach and Certified Team Coach (CTC) certifications. She has a background in Management and a Master’s Degree in International Development. In addition, she has gained coaching and facilitation certifications such as Coactive, ORSC, ICAgile ACC and ATF.

For more than 10years, Kemmy continues to coach the Executives around their Business and agile transformation while working with teams to explore different ways of working efficiently. She has, to name but a few, worked within Crown corporations, Healthcare, Fintech, Banking, Insurance sectors.

She is passionate about contributing to and impacting the agile community across the world. Kemmy does this by volunteering at events, speaking at conferences, and meetups and blogging her experience on her personal website. She was part of the Scrum Alliance North American Gathering Team 2019, a Board Member of Agile Alliance and a Volunteer Manager for Women In Agile. In Canada, Kemmy is the founder of the Discovering Agile Community, a platform that aims to enlighten the community about agile through organizing events.

Outside of the agile community, Kemmy is the Founder of APTEI, an NGO based in Nigeria that helps to keep children from disadvantaged backgrounds in school. Her vision is to alleviate poverty through education and transform the lives of children by securing their future.

Roman Müller

Roman is a nimble coach who found his mission in helping people to help themselves. Driven by this passion he works as an Agile and Co-Active Coach – transforming teams and organizations into fulfilling and purpose driven enviroments.

He started as a project manager in agencies – becoming a project manager in software development companies – and got in touch with agile methodologies. After 3 years at a company in HH – transforming team enviroments and business units in agile enviroments.

He changed the company to start at a small film production company in Stuttgart. He’s working there as a full time Agile Coach in an non-IT enviroment. He started his own business in March 2017 named “TRAFFO.IO”. 

Renae Craven

Renae, with over 13 years of coaching experience, has dedicated her career to supporting individuals, teams, and organizations. She has actively invested in and honed her professional coaching skills, focusing on coaching teams and organizations. As a Certified Team Coach with Scrum Alliance, Renae guides teams in finding their rhythm and achieving a balance between learning and delivery, with a special emphasis on fostering continuous learning.

Renae’s career highlights include speaking engagements at prestigious events such as the Global Scrum Gathering in Vienna in 2019, where she delivered a compelling talk on “Embrace the Storm: Unlocking Your Organization’s Agility by Harnessing the Turbulence and Chaos of Agile Transformations.” In 2020, she presented at the Global Scrum Gathering in Lisbon, captivating the audience with her topic “Wait what?! Walt Disney was agile?”

In addition to her coaching expertise, Renae is a certified BASI Pilates instructor and operates her own Pilates studio in Brisbane, Queensland. She actively promotes movement and wellness through her YouTube series, “Pilates for the Office Worker,” aiming to alleviate the stress of sedentary work environments. Renae’s commitment to her community extends to her role as a facilitator for the Women in Agile meetup group in Brisbane, where she fosters connections and support among women in the field.

Eva Gysling

Eva Gysling is a coach, trainer, mentor and facilitator.

She has more than 30 years of product development experience in the pharmaceutical, federal government, insurance, logistics, machine-building, and financial industries. Along the way she has held roles in information technology, as a product manager, project manager, has held leadership positions at various levels, agile coach, professional coach, trainer, facilitator and mentor.

Before starting her own business in the beginning of 2018, she began her agile journey back in 1999 where she has become familiar with XP Principles and Practices. Back in 2006 she started implementing Scrum in a former employer and she worked for many years as head of agile in one of the biggest insurance companies of Switzerland.

Eva’s focus is on helping organizations build a promising culture that meets today’s demands and supporting leaders to grow. Agile coaching is central to this.

Eva is always interested in giving back to the community and is, among other things, on the board of the German speaking D-A-CH chapter of the Scrum Alliance.

As a Certified Enterprise Coach, she offers (agile) coaching and mentoring to support those who work on their own growth and invest in helping their organizations grow.

As a CAL educator, she likes to co-train and offers CAL-E and CAL-O programs.

Khurram Bhatti

Khurram’s work is about helping individuals, teams, and organisations to reach their goals by adapting new ways of thinking. He is an experienced Agile Coach, Facilitator, and Agile Trainer. His goal is to develop a healthy, collaborative and continuously improved culture where experimentation is encouraged and crafting a high focus is appreciated.

Khurram has more than 17 years of experience in the software industry. He has worked in Pakistan and Sweden with startups, SMEs and Enterprises, in industries spanning Telecom, Software Asset Management (SAM), Data Privacy, and Financial Services – with distributed and co-located Agile teams.

Khurram is an ORSC trained coach (ICF-ACTP) and an ICAgile Authorised Instructor for Agile Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF) and Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC). He’s a Certified Trainer for “Training from the Back of the Room practitioner course (TBR)” and an Agile Trainer. Khurram holds a broad range of further certifications including ICAgile’s Agile Coaching and Enterprise Coaching tracks, ScrumAlliance’s Certified Team Coach (CTC), Certified Agile Leadership (CAL I) and Certified Scrum Professional® (CSP-SM). He’s an International Coach Federation (ICF) member.

Itopa Sulé

Itopa is an accomplished Agile Practitioner with a wealth of experience in Product Development, Team Leadership, and Agile Coaching. With a track record of over 15 years, he has excelled in building, leading, and coaching high-performing teams, consistently delivering exceptional products and business solutions. Presently, his primary focus lies in enabling and strengthening Enterprise Agility, empowering organizations to sense and adapt to the constant changes in our dynamic world.

Having begun his career as a software developer, Itopa holds certifications as a TOGAF Certified Architect and a former Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD). He possesses extensive expertise and certifications in professional coaching (ICF ACC) and major agile frameworks (Scrum, Scrum@Scale, SAFe, ProKanban, Nexus, etc.).

Itopa’s authority extends to being an authorized ICAgile instructor for four courses, including Agile Team Facilitation, Agile Coaching, Enterprise Agility, and Coaching Agile Transformation. Additionally, he is a certified trainer for Professional Kanban and Training from the Bank of the Room. Itopa’s approach is grounded in pragmatism, favoring practical methodologies over theoretical dogmas. He firmly believes in continuous improvement driven by empirical data, providing a solid foundation for his coaching and leadership endeavors.

Simon Orrell

Simon is a highly skilled coach specializing in guiding leaders and organizations through the adoption of agile values, principles, and leadership practices, all while keeping a keen focus on delivering exceptional customer value. With a specific emphasis on Product and Portfolio management techniques, he excels in supporting both co-located and distributed teams.

In 2010, Simon achieved the distinction of being one of only three Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coaches in Canada. Since then, he has been dedicated to working with individuals, teams, and leaders across various industries such as oil and gas, financial services, manufacturing, and construction, facilitating transformative change. Simon’s background, including his P.Eng. and PMP accreditations, contributes to his pragmatic approach to product, team, and organizational development.

At the core, Simon believes that work is fundamentally about teams of people coming together to create value. He finds tremendous joy and fulfillment in collaborating with individuals, teams, and organizations that are truly committed to making a positive impact on the world of work. Each opportunity presents new and exciting challenges, allowing him to continuously learn and adapt, fueling his passion for growth and improvement.

Suzanne Doyle

With 20 years experience gained across a broad range of clients in Financial Services, Suzanne has lead many organisations Large Scale Transformations across Business and IT to achieve Agility in the marketplace; a mindset change for Leadership and teams on continuous improvement and succcessful collaboration.

She is passionate about thrilling the customer through Agile and Lean accelerated delivery, Lean StartUp, optimising product development flow and organisational design around faster delivery of value.

Suzanne has a master practitioner diploma in systemic coaching, and coaches teams towards high value creation teams.

A valued coach, trainer, facilitator and advisor. Suzanne can develop the internal expertise and executive leadership required to support large scale cultural and behavioural change.

She is also a conference speaker, and Agile meet-up speaker.

YuHong(Ella) Yao

Ella is Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach , Scrum Inc Registered Scrum trainer, and ICF PCC.

She is passionate about helping to build better and adaptive organizations, to enable business success in the changing world. She has many years of experiences in coaching organizations and teams to find better way of working and achieve their goals through agile transformation.

She enjoys enabling and inspiring teams and leaders into new way of thinking, while gaining the joy of helping others, she finds strengths and learnings for herself as well.

Ned Loh

Ned Loh, former agile transformation lead at BMW Brilliance Automotive, former IBM Sr Agile Coach and Accenture Agile Consultant. Ned has approximately 20 years experience in Automotive, Internet, Telecommunication and Banking industries with expertise in agile development, agile transformation, product management and R&D center management.

Ned had many years of software R&D experience, through effective agile transformation and fostering an agile culture, the organization has managed to win the Fujian 2017 Extraordinary Innovation Employer and win the Golden Stevie Award.

Through effective agile coaching Ned helped teams to reduce defect ratio by 65%, process efficiency increased by 10~50%, release frequency increased by 300%. Ned has also earned the following certificates: CTC, CSP, CLP, CAL, KMP, SPC, RTE, PMP, ACP, DASSM, etc.

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu, enterprise level Agile/Lean transformation leadership. 4 years’ site level coaching and mentoring experience of Scrum Masters, Product Owners as well as management teams across the globe.

Agile Evangelist and passionate at Agile Community development. The organizer of Shanghai Agile Community; co-chair of Regional Scrum Gathering 2020 Shanghai; Speaker in Regional Scrum Gathering 2019 Beijing; Key organizer of Regional Scrum Gathering 2018 Shanghai; Initiator of WOMEN in AGILE CHINA community. Will organize Mandarin Coaching Retreat 2020 and Regional Scrum Gathering 2021 Shanghai. 

She is currently an active CTC, Path to CSP Educator, CSM, CSPO, LeSS Practitioner, Scrum@Scale Practitioner, LUMA practitioner.

Rudolf Gysi

Rudolf Gysi is a Senior Coach and Trainer for agile product development, with over 15 years of experience as a pioneer of the agile movement. He is passionate about guiding people, teams, and organizations on their way to a meaningful, value-creating, and successful working world.
Rudolf’s expertise in agile product development is complemented by his passion for solid source code and technical excellence. 

He invests a lot of energy in finding better ways to deliver awesome products to customers, and has a broad knowledge of how to develop end-to-end quality processes and identify ways to improve products.
Rudolf was a founder of the agile movement at Swiss Railways IT (, where he also served as the Leader of the Agile Community with more than 1000 members and founder of the Agile Coaching Team of SBB. 

He has also been a Coach for Innovation in different departments of the SBB Group, where he has helped teams and individuals innovate and continuously improve their work. Today he works an Coach, Trainer and Organizational Developer at

Thomaz Ribas

Thomaz is a firm believer that the agility and success of an organization are directly influenced by the agility of its leaders. With this belief at the core, he is committed to assisting leaders and organizations in their transition towards more agile ways of working, focusing on OKR implementation and leadership development.

As the founder of Interia Consulting, Thomaz is dedicated to the advancement of agile leadership and organizational culture. He works closely with leaders at all levels, guiding them through an Agile Leadership Journey that includes workshops, mentoring, and coaching. Through both open and private programs, Thomaz empowers leaders to embrace agility and drive positive change within their organizations.

Francesco Bianchi

Francesco is a Visual Coach and Agile Thinker on a mission to make the world of work more fun. After 10 years experiencing agility working as a Software Developer for startups and small tactical teams he has shifted his focus from developing software to developing teams and agile organisations. He now works as an Agile Coach and trainer in companies of all sizes, from 100 to 100k employees. 

His engagement style focuses on building a safe and inclusive environment by leveraging all of the cutting-edge techniques for Visual Thinking, Brain-Based learning and Facilitation for highly collaborative meetings to ensure people are and feel at the center.

Rohit Ratan Mani

Rohit Ratan Mani – An Agile enthusiast with an experience over 18 years in IT industry spanning across Manufacturing, Telecom and BFSI domains. He has donned the role of a Software Developer, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Scrum Master and most recently as an Agile Coach.

Rohit has broad knowledge in in different Agile methodologies like Scrum, XP and Lean. He started my Project Management experience with managing projects following traditional Waterfall model. He have been actively involved in all the phases of SDLC of both traditional and Agile methodology. His knowledge of traditional approach has helped him evolve as a better Agile Implementer. He also loves exploring applications like Team Foundation Server (TFS) to lay down project management standards. He has worked extensively in implementing TFS for managing Agile projects. Rohit like reading about anything new that is being released by ALM Rangers team.

Rohit also has penned his experience in few articles on ScrumAlliance.

Zia Malik

Zia is one of a small number of UK Certified Enterprise Coaches with the Scrum Alliance, and an experienced agile trainer, Certified Scrum Trainer CST® and professionally trained coach in business and personal coaching, accredited by the International Coach Federation. He has worked as an enterprise coach in a range of industries including fintech, aerospace, pharma and retail, working with individuals, teams and organisations.

He works with frameworks such as Scrum, but recognises that these don’t exist in a vacuum. People work within them and adapt to them, and Zia spends much of his time focusing on the psychological motivations and barriers involved in personal and organisational change. Ultimately it’s about moving from structures and mindsets inherited from the Industrial Revolution towards a smarter way of organising ourselves.

Zia’s training and coaching is both inspiring and thought-provoking, aimed at giving people a set of tools, techniques and concepts they can use to achieve and sustain genuine transformation.

Michael Wollin

Michael is an experienced Enterprise Agile Coach (CEC) with a strong background in the IT industry. He assists businesses in unlocking their human and organizational potential by enabling them to respond swiftly and effectively to market changes. With his technical expertise, interpersonal skills, and business acumen, Michael delivers experiential training workshops and on-site coaching to help clients adapt to change and overcome unexpected challenges.

Throughout his 20-year career in agile leadership, Michael spearheaded the adoption of Scrum and Kanban at CNN’s Broadcast Production Systems. He played a vital role in launching a groundbreaking digital HD newsgathering and video production system, emphasizing efficiency and adherence to schedules. As a former software development company owner, Michael built successful teams by hiring the right people and empowering them to excel.

With certifications such as CEC, CSP, CAL1, CSPO, CSM, S@S, OSA1, SPC5, and a background in Psychology and Computer Science, Michael possesses a diverse skill set. His client roster includes notable organizations like Anthem, Cisco, CNN, Dexcom, NextEra (FPL), MUFG/Union Bank, Toyota, Northrop Grumman, Grindr, Turner Studios, Poly (Polycom+Plantronics), Siemens Healthineers, and more.

Erwin Verweij

Erwin has a diverse background, initially working as a production manager for film and a software trainer before transitioning to project management. Throughout his various roles, Erwin always acted as a facilitator, understanding and meeting the needs of the teams he worked with. In recent years, he has been focused on being a Scrum Master, Agile trainer, and Certified Enterprise Coach, with a self-identification as an Agile Viking. 

Erwin thrives in Agile environments and believes in unlocking the potential of individuals and pushing boundaries. Besides his coaching and training expertise, he is also a Certified LeSS Facilitator, Certified SAFe Agilist, and Lego Serious Play Facilitator. 

Outside of work, Erwin enjoys creating beautiful things through his passion for photography, helping people discover their existing strengths and ability to grow. While he could share his life’s history, he’d prefer to engage in a conversation over a cup of coffee or a good cigar to explore more.

Alexander Frumkin

Alexander, also known as a recovering developer and a self-proclaimed Scrumoholic, has been immersed in the world of software development for a long time. Starting from his early days programming in Algol-60, he has always questioned whether there are better ways to develop software than traditional waterfall approaches. In 2007, his professional life took a turn when he had the opportunity to learn about the Agile Manifesto and XP from Martin Fowler, one of its founding fathers. Since then, Alexander has fully embraced the Agile mindset and has become a passionate advocate for agility.

Throughout his career, Alexander has designed and facilitated numerous successful Agile transformations, including large-scale initiatives.

In addition to coaching, Alexander is passionate about Scrum training and has helped over 200 Scrum Masters obtain their certifications. He conducts engaging and interactive workshops, drawing upon his certification as a Training from the Back of the Room (TBR) trainer to create a fun and effective learning experience.

Alexander actively shares his passion for agility with the community by facilitating Agile MeetUp groups and speaking at various events.

Jon Jorgensen

Jon likes learning about everything: business, people, software development, languages, brain science, improv; pretty much whatever he runs into. Jon spent 17 years working in Japan, learning to be Lean, Agile, and to flow with work. Jon has literally won a competitive Japanese game show.

During his travels to Japan, Jon set up the Xbox and Apple Xserve call centers, and took call escalations in Japanese for many years. Making a difference in people’s lives by being of service to them, is his passion. Jon brings many people together to discover what’s possible, when facing a challenge. He emboldens emerging leadership everywhere in the enterprise.

Coaching teams and leaders is a passion of Jon’s. He won’t fix or protect people, because they don’t need it. Instead he gets curious about them, and what they really care about. If they feel “stuck” he helps them find their way to break through. That’s Jon’s happy place; where people are being awesome and are acknowledged for their greatness.

He sees the irony in life, sees his mistakes, and relishes learning from both. He appreciates the counter-intuitive bits of work, and rolls with it. He feels he’s at his best amidst uncertainty. Based in Mission Viejo, California, if given the opportunity to sail a boat, Jon will try even in gusty conditions. He has capsized more than once; no damage nor casualties. On weekends his wife and children don’t sail with him, and keep his phone dry.

Frederik Vannieuwenhuyse

Frederik is here to support you in becoming more effective and engaged in teamwork, collaboration, and continuous improvement. As your coach, he specializes in Scrum Mastering, Agile team, and enterprise coaching, providing you with the guidance you need to thrive. Frederik excels in mentoring Scrum Masters for team growth and mentoring Product Owners for product leadership. He also offers teaching on Agile and Scrum foundations, Scrum Master courses, flow, and facilitation techniques.

Count on Frederik to design and facilitate interactive meetings, as well as lead focused retrospectives to drive improvement. He is skilled in organizing and facilitating communities of practice, as well as facilitating Open Space events. Frederik can assist you in de-scaling agile and scaling product development using various frameworks.

With expertise in Lean Startup and Lean Product Management, Frederik provides valuable mentoring in these areas. He also offers life coaching to support your individual growth and personal agility. If you’re in a management role, Frederik can provide management coaching using leadership assessments to help you excel.

Frederik is well-versed in Sociocracy 3.0 and can introduce and facilitate its implementation for your organization. Additionally, he actively contributes to the community as an event organizer and networker, fostering connections and collaboration.

John McFadyen

In addition to being a Certified Scrum Trainer, John is also a business and executive Agile coach with proven experience in coaching senior managers and executives at some of the world’s largest organisations. John works with people and teams to unlock new perspectives and approaches to achieving their goals.

Blending his 15 years’ experience in Agile frameworks and Lean techniques from the software development world with his professional coach training and complexity theory, John has created a unique approach to coaching with a strong focus on end goals, the right level of planning and actions designed to gain momentum.

Recently these skills have been used to help organisations build their internal Agile capability by forming and coaching communities of practice. John develops this ability through the development of experienced, internal, practitioners within the group into high performing coaches.

Brad Swanson

Brad Swanson will guide you beyond ‘doing agile’ to achieving Business Agility – sustainably better products, enlightened leadership, high-performing teams and delighted customers!

Brad Swanson is Chief Coach at Agility 11. He is a Leadership and Organizational Coach who guides companies to achieve sustainably better results using Lean & Agile principles. He has been a trusted advisor for executives and organizations across the globe. He honed his own leadership skills as a Vice President in the consulting and software industries.

Brad is a Certified Leadership Agility® 360 Coach, Certified Agile Leadership® (CAL) Educator®, Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST), Certified Agile Coach (Certified Enterprise Coach® – CEC), Certified Professional in Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC), and Certified LeSS Practitioner (Large Scale Scrum). He is a member of the Agile Leadership Journey, a global federation of Leadership coaches. Brad has been an Agile practitioner since 1999, is former President of Agile Denver and co-founder of the Mile High Agile conference, and a speaker at international conferences in the USA, South America and Asia.

Brad’s passion is guiding organizations to achieve success, and guiding people to become highly effective 21st-century business leaders.

Garfield Ying

Garfield is passionate about Agile Transformation and building Agile Teams with 19 years of experience and a background in software engineering, product development, and project management. 

He focuses on improving customer satisfaction and delivery performance of fit-for-purpose solutions through tailoring the Agile way of working to help technology and business co-create better products and services. 

He believes Agile mindset and practices adoption leads to increase business satisfaction and fosters staff engagement in their team and organization.

Dr. Jürgen Hoffmann

Dr. Jürgen Hoffmann is the  founder of Emendare, a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach since 2009 and Certified Scrum Trainer since 2012. His first agile experience was in 2003 @ WEB.DE where he initiated and lead the implementation of Scrum for several software development teams. Since then he worked as Agile Coach and Trainer. He has been part of processes implementing Agile in companies industries like Commerce, Automotive, Energy, Finance, IT & Internet with Soft- and Hardware development. Every coaching assignment draws profit from this.
In 2012 he created with 10 other Scrum Coaches and Scrum Trainers a broad Agile Coach / Scrum Master educational program which runs over a period of 6 months with 18 training days and coaching on the job.

Lizzy Yang

Lizzy Yang, a certified team coach (CTC) by the Scrum Alliance, is a highly experienced Business Agile Coach and Scrum Master based in Beijing. With a solid background in the automotive industry, Lizzy brings her expertise in company strategy, Agile methodologies (including Scrum, Scaled Agile, and Kanban), and a wide range of skills such as understanding business dynamics, functional testing, project management, and testing. Holding a Master’s Degree in Project Management from Beijing University of Technology, Lizzy is a strong engineering professional dedicated to driving successful agile transformations and helping organizations achieve their goals through effective teamwork and strategic execution.

Lukas Klose

Since overseeing an agile transformation of the Web Publishing team at Electronic Arts in 2012, Lukas Klose has been helping organizations all over North America to unleash the power of their workforce. Since then he has worked as an agile coach and trainer with a wide array of enterprises like Royal Bank of Canada, HSBC, BCAA, BestBuy, WorksafeBC, Industrial Alliance, BC Lottery Corporation, and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to provide the necessary leadership to make organizational transformations successful.

Lukas leads the Agile Leadership Program at UBC’s Sauder School of Business, instructing dozens of agile and project management practitioners per year. He teaches classes covering everything from foundational understanding of agility to leadership skills, product management, scrum mastering, kanban, and lean/agile portfolio management.

Before this, Lukas assisted High Tech companies as a software engineer and consultant, implementing technical teams & systems, until he was hired by Electronic Arts to build their Web Publishing project management office, managing multi-million dollar portfolios.

Emran Bhojawala

Emran is an Agile practitioner and coach with over 15 years of experience in helping organizations define clear product boundaries, eliminate waste, and achieve business outcomes. Served as a mentor, coach, and trainer to product and technology professionals who want to stay nimble in an ever changing marketplace.

Emran has worked in healthcare, finance, retail, non-profit, communications, agriculture, service, and IT consulting industries. I co-founded and served on the board of an independent agile user group called Agile Twin Cities. He trained, coached, and mentored hundreds of professionals in Systems Thinking, Analysis, Product Development, and Agile frameworks.

In his experience, he realized that transformations are not about changing how work is done but instead about how people think – one conversation at a time. To Emran, agile is practical, logical, and in perfect alignment with the natural order.

Armin Schubert

After holding various management positions for several years, Armin discovered Scrum in 2012 and has been working as a ScrumMaster and Agile Coach ever since. Since 2013, he has served as the managing director of Emendare GmbH&Co. KG, where he assists teams, products, and companies in embracing agile values and methodologies.

Armin believes that the greatest potential for unleashing positive forces lies in the team’s interpersonal relationships. He is passionate about fostering strong team dynamics and believes in the power of collaboration and effective communication.

Anu Smalley

Anu is a seasoned coach focusing on Leadership Development and Executive Coaching.

Anu has helped companies in Banking, Insurance and Reinsurance, Travel, Gaming Software, Legal, Benefits Management, Software Consulting, HealthCare. She has a few decades of Agile implementation, coaching, and transformation experience. As a community leader, Anu has chaired Scrum Alliance Global Scrum Gatherings for three years, speaker frequently at conferences and meetups around the world and actively contributes to Women in Agile and other volunteer initiatives within Scrum Alliance

She holds the highest certifications at Scrum Alliance including the first Indian Female CST, The first Indian Female CEC and CTC.

Anu is the CEO and Founder Capala Consulting Group, LLC.

Fred Meng

Fred Meng is a highly skilled and certified full-stack coach specializing in efficiency coaching, organizational coaching, and professional coaching. With over 20 years of experience in product development, management, training, consulting, and coaching, Fred has provided valuable services to companies in finance, automotive, pharmaceutical, internet, and IT sectors. He is committed to promoting technology and product innovation thinking, facilitating successful organizational transformations, and guiding teams towards achieving their goals.

As a continuous learner and practitioner of Spiral Dynamics, Integral Theory, and Agile Leadership, Fred brings a unique blend of expertise to his coaching approach. With certifications including Certified Team Coach (CTC), Professional Certified Coach (ICF-PCC), SAFe Practice Consultant(SPC), and Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) Agile Expert, Fred is a trusted advisor and an innovator in the coaching field. His creative mindset, leadership skills, and active listening abilities make him a sought-after professional for individuals and organizations seeking to thrive in today’s fast-paced business landscape.

Bojan Smudja

Bojan is a dedicated coach who is passionate about helping individuals, teams, and organizations achieve their goals.

With 15 years of work experience in diverse industries such as Fintech, Mobility, Blockchain, Airline, and Travel, he has gained a deep understanding of the challenges faced by teams in international environments. Bojan possesses a wide range of skills including Team Growing, Business Value Add, Lean Startup, Scrum, Kanban, Product Ownership, and Scaling.

His strength lies in building positive relationships with all stakeholders, fostering collaboration, and creating an environment conducive to success. With Bojan’s guidance, teams and organizations can navigate their journeys to achieve remarkable outcomes.

Vernon Stinebaker

Vernon Stinebaker is an executive leader with 35 years experience including 29 years executive experience leading award-winning software development, IT, and operations organizations in China.

Vernon has a deep passion for coaching and is well recognized as a leader in the coaching space. Vernon helped co-create the Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach (CTC) program and was a member of the CTC and Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) Review Teams and the Coaching Program Improvement Team (PIT).

With expertise in multiple Agile approaches, Vernon has introduced Agile to over 10,000 individuals, including coaching individuals, teams, and organizations towards high-performance agility.

Björn Jensen

Björn Jensen studied Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences of Hamburg, Germany and holds a degree in Computer Sciences.

He started to work in the IT-Business as a Software Developer in 2000. Since then he gains a lot of experience in different positions inside the software development process like tester, build manager, release manager, configuration manager, project lead and head of development. The size of companies he works for varies from very small scale to very large scale (and strongly distributed).

He is founder and leader of the Java User Group Hamburg (JUGHH) and the Android User Group Hamburg. He is also a founding member of the JetBrains Academy of Development. Since his first contact with agile in practice (XP) in the year 2001 he dives deep into agile and introduces agile engineering practices and scrum successfully to several companies. Today he lives with his wife and his two kids in Hamburg and works as an agile coach and trainer worldwide.

Personal main interests cover community related works, design, agile engineering practices, lean and agile thinking, collaboration techniques, coaching and coding Ruby; also a bass guitar player and amateur martial artist.

Saif Ahmed

Saif is an Agile Coach with 25 years of industry experience. Saif is a CTC from Scrum Alliance and is currently pursuing his CEC. Saif started his Agile Journey in 2012. Saif has over 10 years of Coaching experience and has been instrumental in large-scale transformation with in financial domain.

Saif believes that frameworks, practices, & guidelines are good starting point and true change comes when we have transparent dialogue and are ready to learn & pivot. We should have growth mindset. Saif believes in pragmatic approach with incremental and continuous improvement.

Aaron Kopel

Aaron is an Enterprise Agile Coach and Trainer with experience across various industries and company sizes ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 100 firms. Aaron is the only Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) in Indiana, and is one of only 75 people in the world who hold both top level Scrum Alliance certifications (CEC & CST). As an Agile coach and advisor, Aaron is passionate about helping individuals, teams, managers, leaders, and executives realize their vision for success as a more Agile organization, which enables them to become successful leaders and change agents in achieving their organization’s vision.

He is founder of Project Brilliant LLC, a management consulting firm specializing in Agile transformation and the application of Lean and Agile principles to entire organizations. His passion for innovation have led him to found two startup companies, which provided his entry into to the world of Agile.

Aaron is a continuous learner and has earned many credentials over the years, including BA, MBA, Certified LeSS Practitioner (CLP), CST, CEC, CSP, CSM, CSPO, PMP, PMI-ACP, IGTF, and SAFe SPC.

Daniel Hommel

Daniel specializes in organizational development, team development and leadership development in contexts where agility is the primary approach to work.

He believes that every challenge and context are highly individual and therefore require individual solutions. He has worked for companies of all shapes and sizes and in all kinds of industries, like Software Development, Automotive, Retail, Engineering, Electronics, Pharmaceutics and Luxury Goods. His experience is mostly in Germany, but he has also been working internationally on occasion.

Daniel is Certified Team Coach (CTC) with Scrum Alliance, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) with CTI, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with ICF and is certified to administer the Leadership Circle Profile (LCP). In his spare time, he contributes to a number of different agile and coaching related communities.

Edwin Hanegraaf

Edwin is a seasoned agile team coach from the Netherlands who helped multiple clients mainly in the industry and technology area mainly in Europe in becoming more agile.

Many teams, team members as well as their surroundings have benefited from his pragmatic approach in getting a little more agile every day.

Since he strives for happy teams and happy customers, both loving the “products” they are working on or using.

His approach is rooted on the core values of agile and scrum and as professional coach (ICF-ACC) he helps his clients in (re)considering their way of working.

Andre Ullmann

André is a highly experienced Agile Coach with 13 years of experience in Agile. His profession lies in the Agile transformation of companies & organizations. As a freelancer he is working internationally.

His roots come from traditional project management (IPMA Level C). With his broad portfolio and methodological expertise (ICE-EC, CTC, ICF-ACC, SPC5/6, OKRM, CAL and more) he always surprises his clients.

Passionate about giving agile coaching with high sustainability.

As Agile Coach Retreat Advisor he contributes to the agile community and is always interested in new approaches and thoughts.


Sabine Canditt

From software development to people development: I started my professional life as an electrical and software engineer. Today, as a trainer, coach and mentor, I support individuals, teams and organisations on their way to a (working) life that is characterised by agility, purpose, joy and sustainability. Together with my clients, I work pragmatically and without perfectionism to find ways and solutions that fit the respective context. My most important concern is to make agility usable for sustainable goals. 

Sabine is a certified trainer and coach of the Scrum Alliance (Certified Scrum Trainer, Certified Team Coach, Certified Enterprise Coach, Certified Agile Leadership Educator). Sabine also has coaching expertise and experience beyond the field of agility (ICF-PCC, Systemic Business Coach, Brain Based Coaching). She is trained as “Consultant of Global Change” (regenerative thinking and sustainability competence) and author of the book “Small steps. Big impact. With agility to more sustainability” (in German).

Sebastian Heglmeier

Sebastian navigates organisations through their digital and agile transformation journeys. Having worked as a software engineer before, in 2012 he started his own agile journey as an XP coach with improuv, a Munich based agile consultancy. Since then he advises, coaches and trained with many different companies, both software and hardware products, from teams to decider level. These days he accompanies small and medium sized enterprises during their transformations and also coaches product responsibles in larger cooperations.


Sebastian is a systemic business coach and certified team coach (CTC). He runs the monthly Agile Tuesday Meetup in Munich, since 2020 he also co-organizes the annual Agile World Conference.